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Updating of drivers? What for? 28 Oct 2014


Drivers — it is computer programs which allow your operating system, for example Windows or Linux and as to other programs to interact with your equipment and devices.


For an example, we will list the following devices: keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, modem, router, videocard, sound card etc. Initially, when you connect this or that device, your computer doesn't know how it is correct to work with it and how to use its opportunities. Therefore this device in system is unknown and in a device manager is noted by a question mark. In order that the equipment worked correctly, you need to install the driver.


When you bought for the first time the new computer, reinstalled Windows or assembled the computer, that you will have to make the first, it to establish drivers.


The driver is a set of programs which ensures correct functioning of your "iron" with maximum efficiency using its hardware opportunities.


If the producer issues the new version, means in the old version there were mistakes, productivity is increased or the new functionality was added.


Automatically to support drivers in an actual condition, use Carambis Driver Updater