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The fastest and easiest way to take screenshots

Simple, but powerful application for taking screenshots, editing them with included editor, and saving using multiple options, such as local storage, cloud, FTP-server, or direct copying to the clipboard or E-mail message.
Share saved screenshots through cloud, clipboard, FTP, or E-mail messages.

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Are you tired of taking screenshots by pressing "Print Screen" button, importing the entire screenshot to the image editing software, cropping desired area, exporting, and obtaining the screenshot only after all these manipulations?

Do you need a tool that makes possible to take and save a screenshot in less than one second?

Carambis ScreenShooter - is the best application for taking screenshots really fast!

Press the hotkey, select the area, click save, and your screenshot is ready.

Want to take screenshots even faster? Here you are - ScreenShooter detects pressing "Print Screen" key, takes a screenshot and saves it in a moment. This way the name of the program is explained - it allows to take screenshots with the speed of machine gun.

Speed is not the only feature, but one of many. ScreenShooter includes image editor that is used for editing already saved screenshots and for editing screenshots on-the-fly, immediately after taking and before saving. Multiple saving options provides you different ways to save and share taken screenshot. You can save it on the local computer and use as you wish. You can save a screenshot in the cloud, copy the unique link to the image, and send it, so the receiver can view the file using just any web browser. You can save a screenshot on any FTP server. After saving on FTP server or in cloud the link to the image is automatically saved in the clipboard. You can copy the image directly to the clipboard for further sharing, or attach it to the e-mail message in a second.

It is easy as 1-2-3. It is faster, than you can imagine. It is absolutely free.

Main features:

  • Set up any hotkey combinations for taking screenshots;
  • Taking screenshots in a second;
  • Built-in image editor;
  • Multiple saving options;
  • Settings flexibility - turn everything on and get maximum of functions or select desired options and get the highest possible speed of taking and saving screenshots. 

Built-in editor features:

  • Adding various markers: arrows, circles, rectagles, lines and text;
  • Full color palette for all elements;
  • Blur tool with options;
  • Crop tool.