Refund & Money back policy

These policies apply to the following software products: Carambis Driver Updater, Carambis Cleaner. Hereinafter referred to as the Program.


Before purchasing any of the Programs, we recommend that you read the Program description and try the trial version before making a final purchase decision. In the opposite case, this may lead to dissatisfaction with the functioning and/or results of the Program.


If the purchased Programs or the Program doesn’t meet the user's expectations, you can cancel the previously selected subscription to the Program or request a refund in automatic mode.


Cancellation is done independently by the link:


After requesting cancellation, please wait from 4-10 business days until the money returns to the card.

Money Back Guarantee


The refund request will be approved under this warranty in accordance with the circumstances listed below.


Request a refund is made by sending an application by e-mail ( or by phone +7 (863) 280-01-01 with indication of registration data, license number and/or telephone number.


Refunds can be made if the user has signed up for a renewal of the subscription, but didn’t use the Program.


It is possible to request a refund for an order with automatic renewal if the user doesn’t know about it or there is no need for a product in the future.


A refund may be requested if the Program doesn’t solve the user's problem or due to incorrect program response, problems with the license key.


If a purchase of the “Wrong Program” or the same Program was made twice, a refund of the cost of the subscription is possible or an exchange for a more suitable Program.


Depending on the type of the acquired license, the payment will be refunded either for the last month or for a lifetime license.


The refund guarantee applies only to the last payment made.


The refund guarantee is limited to 45 days from the date of the last payment.


Refunds are made only on the bank card from which the Program was purchased.


After the refund, the corresponding license will be deactivated and it will not be possible to use it.


These policies enter into force on 05/28/2019 and are subject to change without notice or agreement with users.


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